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What you need is a single library named Science.dll.

Science.dll will run in the following frame.

Use freely and contribute to HANA project, making index codes for a book in the following five steps.

1.   Choose the best textbook.

2.     Determine class names.

3.     Find relations between classes.

4.     Plug in algorithm.

5.     Solve all examples in the textbook.

When you carry on, you should keep the rule described in HANA project.

To get detailed information about Science.dll, read the eBook.





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Index Code Library (October 2020)

-- Science

     -- Biology

            + PopulationGenetics

     -- Mathematics

            + IntegralEquation

            + LinearAlgebra

            + OrdinaryDifferentialEquation

            + PartialDifferentialEquation

            + SpecialFunction

            + VectorCalculus

            -- Complex.cs

            -- Constant.cs

            -- Function.cs

     -- Physics

            + GeneralPhysics

            + QuantumMechanics

            -- ExperimentData.cs

     -- Statistics

            + BasicStatistics

            -- Function.cs

     -- Code.cs    (Version and editor names are given in Code.cs)

     -- Error.cs    (Exception handling is given in Error.cs)

To utilize Excel, use Utility.dll. To download the following DLL files, make right click of mouse and save them.
namespace : Utility.Graphics     reference : Science Code .Net

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